We are proud to present the following student comments regarding our PIANO TUNER'S SUPER HOME STUDY courses. These comments are just a few from the assortment of emails and notes we've received since opening DISTANCE LEARNING in January, 2002. Please note, we have provided our training to students in countries throughout the world, including all of North America, England, Italy, the Middle East, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. We have also been the exclusive supplier of courses to the International Academy of Music in Indianapolis, IN, a longtime and established distance learning school serving students worldwide; before selecting us as their most trusted source, the Academy vetted all other piano course candidates and schools and found ours to be the most reasonably priced AND comprehensive.

And now, to our students' own comments......

"I played piano as a child and decided to start playing again for my church. I have always loved the piano and checked into learning how to tune pianos. A local piano tuner helped me with some basic tuning techniques, but told me to look for a professional course on tuning if I planned to make tuning a career. Then I discovered Ron's Professional tuning course and enrolled to begin studying under him. Ron's course provided everything I needed to tune pianos professionally and each lesson was easy to follow and understand. Ron was also available to answer questions about the lessons as I went and encouraged me with helpful advice while learning the basic techniques. Ron's professional course is exactly what I needed to help get started with my career as tuning professional." Colby York, Madison Heights, VA, May, 2013.

"As a piano teacher with a technical inclination it had always been my ambition to be able to tune pianos. After searching in the UK for suitable courses that I could do from home there seemed to be few options other than expensive courses in London. Eventually I turned to the internet and after considering several options at widely varying prices I chose the one offered by Ron Falcone. There was something about it that made me think 'this is the one for me'. I have never regretted my choice. The course was the stepping stone I needed to get into tuning. I am now building up a clientele of my own and still regularly refer to the easy to follow and very well presented manual. I can happily recommend this course to anyone seriously interested in taking up piano tuning as a profession. " - John Ennis, London, England. 2012.

"I took a well known correspondence course 20 years ago which left a little to be desired. Although I've been working steadily as a technician, I decided to take a refresher and that's why I ordered your course. Surprise, surprise, I didn't know how much I had never learned. Thanks for filling in the gaps with your very comprehensive lessons. - Mr. A. Stewart, Hollywood.

"As a retired school principal, I just wanted to thank you for giving me a 'second' career to keep me busy. I have thoroughly enjoyed your clear and concise lessons. I've just tuned my daughter's spinet and neighbor's Birmbaugh upright. Thanks again!" -M. Evans, Illinois.

"I started your course in February. I come from a poor village near Delhi (India) but often travel to the city. There is much call for tuners in the big city, and I am now on my tenth tuning. Thank you. --I. Syed, India

"We found setting the equal temperament fascinating, and your lessons explained this procedure the way no book I read could. I am now able to tune an entire piano, and earned my first $65.00 for the local church. I have also been approached by the local piano dealer to become a full time service technician for a good starting salary. Good luck! -S. Altieri, Bridgeport, CT.

"I was so psyched to schedule my first week of tunings (church, school and neighbor). Working at the local convenience store, I never dreamed it possible to make $60.00 in one hour of work (that I really enjoy). Thanks, Ron, for the opportunity, (and also the friendly e-mails!). -R. Stevens, Anchorage, Alaska. DISTANCE LEARNING NOTE: This testimonial was received in 2004; fees for piano tunings have risen substantially since..... 

"After disability as a day laborer, I took up tuning and really poured everything into it. Since I started the course, I have 1) regulated an entire action, 2) booked a few tunings a week, 3) begun doing floor tunings for a store as a contractor. Thanks for the course." -A.Pulaski, PA.